Cornflower Shipping Co. Ltd.

This division is a licenced and authorised bunker operator, specifically aimed at providing unrivalled quality services for the fuelling requirements of both ‘Duty Paid’ and ‘Duty Free’ fuels to pleasure boats and yachts in the Maltese Islands.

The Company’s trained personnel ensure paramount respect for the environment, efficiency of all operations, and above all, absolute customer satisfaction.

Cornflower Shipping Co ltd operates the fuelling barge ‘M.T. Seagull I’ which is located in the convenient Marsamxetto Harbour in five metres of draft water, just off the main yacht marina. This fuelling station is open on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week from the beginning of April up to early December, and guarantees quality low-sulphur diesel and gasoline.

M.T. Seagull I is equipped with six dispensing pumps able to deliver up to 120 litres per minute. Additionally, all fuel products supplied are filtered using high quality filters, as well as a floating suction system, guaranteeing the highest level of quality fuels to all customers.

Other services include discharging of any sludge/dirty water with a tank capacity of 6,000 litres.

The M.T. Seagull I is truly a one-stop-shop for pleasure boats and yachts requiring fuel, as well as other supplies such as ice, minerals, water, and other minor accessories in order to ensure a truly elevated cruising experience.

Shell lubricants, Darcy products, and EcoTec additives and consumables are also available from this fuelling station.


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